Atomically dispersed supported metals have drawn wide attention because they offer catalytic properties different from those of conventional supported metals and they have the advantage of maximum utilization of the often expensive metals. The catalytic properties of atomically dispersed metals depend on their ligands, and these include the supports. An approach to stabilize supported metals would be by enveloping them with ionic liquid (IL) sheaths, there is an enormous number of ILs with a wide range of properties to choose from.

In this prospect, the roles of the supports and IL sheaths extend to stabilization of atomically dispersed metals, but investigations of this topic are largely lacking. This project aims in understanding the role of ionic liquids in stabilizing the supported catalysts as well as to unravel their role in the selectivity behaviour of the metal catalysts.

This study will guide experimentalists in their endeavours to understand the role of supports and ionic liquids on the catalytic behaviour of atomically dispersed supported metals. The experimental part of this study is currently being directed by Prof. Alper Uzun at Koç University.